400% Stronger Anti-Aging Tablets… For brighter, more even and youthful looking skin*

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The World's strongest anti-aging tablets gives you a huge dose of age fighting nutrients that may:

  • Visibly reduce crow's feet

  • Help improve uneven skin tone

  • Stimulate cellular renewal and aid the hydration of the skin

  • Prevent premature wrinkling

Tired of letting fine lines, wrinkles and other skin issues ruin your day?

Then it’s time to upgrade your skincare routine and reclaim your beauty

Feeling like you are cursed with the worst skin?

Are you worried about getting older? 

Worried about fine lines and wrinkles deepen? 

Feeling like you are loosing beauty as you age?

For millions of people dealing with fine lines & wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dull and dry skin, a beautiful complexion seems far away. Every day, week, or month seems to take us further away from being able to enjoy all of the things we used to do with confidence.

And with that brings horrible feelings, and thoughts like; 

“Will I ever feel beautiful again?”.

So it makes sense that people just like you search out a more natural approach.

Skin Rebuilding Tablets are the Number 1. Best Selling all-natural anti-aging Collagen supplement.

With more than 74,000 five star reviews.

And packed with 400% more active Collagen than other brands.

It's the preferred choice of over 140,000 customers when it comes to fight back against skin ageing and other skin issues.

"I trust and recommend Skin Rebuilding Tablets for both my clients and my own Skin"

- Skin Therapist. Evelina Larsson

Do you dream of the day you can live with confidence?

Now, with Skin Rebuilding Tablets, you can start to fight fine lines and wrinkles at their root cause, and get one step closer to living a joyful, care free life.

By helping tackle the cause of skin ageing, rather than just masking it with makeup or expensive botox, your skin can get on the path to slow down ageing naturally, and you can live a life filled with all of the things you used to enjoy.  

Imagine how you... 

  • Wake up fresh, beautiful and excited for the day

  • Go for a walk without makeup with a friend

  • Feeling happy about your skin when looking in the mirror

  • Quit looking for skincare solutions wonder if it will work this time

  • Start dating again feeling beautiful and confident

  • No longer feel like you have the worst skin among all of your friends

  • Stop feeling like everyone else looks better than you

All with more confidence and beauty from the inside out. This life could be yours and sooner than you think.   

With Skin Rebuilding Tablets - the next generation of Collagen supplement –created specifically to provide massive levels of powerful Collagen in your skin… 

For maximum results and value….

And all of the FREE GIFTS available exclusively with this unique offer.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, found in the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons.

Often described as “fountain of youth”…

For centuries, Chinese women routinely consumed foods like pig’s feet, shark fins, and donkey skin in hopes of smoothing withered skin and preserving ageing joints.

But only in recent years, companies like us have come up with more appetizing ways to take it like easy-to-swallow tablets that's also vegetarian friendly. 

Providing more youthful skin, and a overall fresher appearance, and more…

(We’ve linked to several of these studies at the bottom of this page).

But there are 2 BIG problems with collagen…

Warning: There are 2 BIG problems with Collagen that you might not know about!

The No. 1 Problem with Collagen Supplements

Collagen Lacks Bioavailability

The challenge with Collagen and its different - forms and types - is that the body cannot readily absorb all of them equally as good…

A point most other brands forget to mention.

You see, some forms and types of Collagen has what’s known as a low bioavailability… This simply means for every bit you take, only a small quantity of it actually makes it’s way into your system… 

Where it’s needed to deliver all of it’s powerful anti-aging benefits.

So without some way to increase the bioavailability…you’re just wasting your hard earned money… 

And not getting any of the benefits.

Crazy right?

We Increased It By 2000%*

Our Collagen is hydrolyzed which means the collagen has been broken down into small peptides, which are easy for the body to digest with the inclusion of two very special ingredients…

Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C

This is not the regular Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C that you can find in most common skincare products…

But two pure and high strength ingredients proven to increase the bioavailability of Collagen…

By packing the scientifically proven amount of these ingredients into every tablet, we increased the amount of the Collagen entering into your system…

In-fact, it can increase the amount of Collagen in the Skin by up to 2000%.

The No. 2 Problem with Collagen Supplements

They Lack Sufficient Active Ingredients

You see, when most brands make supplements, they typically fill them with just a small amount.

Then they advertise the strength as though it’s per tablet, but it’s not until you read the small print you find out it’s the strength per 3 or 6 tablets, not per 1.

Perhaps you’ve experienced this. And most likely got little of the result you were looking for.

A Quadruple Strength Solution

At Hollywoodskin we do things differently.

With Skin Rebuilding Tablets we packed each tablet with as much Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C as possible – 1400mg to be exact.

And that’s the strength we advertise.

And an average of 4 times the amount of active ingredients compared to other brands.

So you only need take 1 tablet a day.

4 Times Stronger Than Other Brands

Skin Rebuilding Tablets are on average 4 times stronger than any other Collagen supplement.

We know this because we did the research. So you don’t have to… 

And because each tablet is packed with 4 times the amount of Collagen, your skin will be flooded with these powerful anti-aging nutrients… 

But that’s not all, we packed each bottle with 180 tablets.

Making sure you never run out. And can stick to a long term health plan with ease, or even share them with a family member.

And making them the best value of any anti-ageing supplement, hands down!

Real Results

Verified buyer

“I've tried so many different creams, and they obviously work a little bit.

But dramatic effect on my skin was this. 

Would you think that you can leave the house without makeup when you're 32?

I didn't. I didn't think it was possible, but it is. So happy....'' 

Dorothy D. 

Verified buyer

“So my skin was looking really dry and started to sag and the fine lines and wrinkles were just getting worse and worse. 

So I started talking to a friend of mine who is my age but looked a lot younger than me and she recommended check out Hollywoodskin. 

So I actually got their CELEBRITY SECRETS Skin Rebuilding Tablets and I've got to say I've been suing it for about a year now and the difference has been dramatic. 

The best part for me is that I only have to take one tablet per day, which just makes it super easy to do if you're looking to make your skin look younger and plumper. 

I would definitely check out Celebrity Secrets Anti Age Skin Rebuilding Tablets from Hollywoodskin.''

- Brandi F.

Verified buyer

“I'm 45 and I've tried everything. 

And nothing has reduced the lines and wrinkles around my eyes and crow's feet, which have actually kind of got a lot worse over the last 4 years. 

And I started to try the Celebrity Secrets tablets. 

And believe me, this has actually made me look 10 years younger. So five stars for this. Thank you.”

- AJ. 

Verified buyer

“These lines are less visible now. I have been considering facials but it's a jungle out there with so many options and it's quite expensive so I just couldn't get myself to do it.”

- Gabriella L.

Verified buyer

“I used to be so unhappy with my skin. It looked dry and tired. So many visible fine lines and wrinkles. 

So a friend of mine recommended a Collagen supplement, Hollywoodskin The Skin Rebuilding tabs have completely changed my skin. 

It's overall healthier. It's glowing, it's plump, it's amazing. My wrinkles are so much less visible than they used to be. 

I have been taking this for about a year now and i'm amazed with my results. I am so happy that I found this.”

- Brittany B.

Verified Customer Reviews

Verified buyer

“The difference these have made to my skin is amazing and its comments from other people who think I've had fillers (I haven't and I'm 68). 

I wish I had found these ages ago. Very easy on the digestion. But if you're looking for a good product give these a try. My skin is firmer and pores are closed. Skin is brighter and more even tone.”

- Mary B

Verified buyer

“Excellent for plumping mature skin, my skin all over is firmer and more toned. My nails have always been fragile but are now growing faster. 

I have been chopping and changing brands until I found this one and I'm sticking with it, it's excellent and the service is excellent too.

Thank you Hollywoodskin!”

- Paulina F.

Verified buyer

''I’ve tried a lot of different collagen supplements for the past four years ever since this trend has started, some are better than others, but they all disappoint on the skin front. 

I was just about to lose faith in collagen when my mum told me about Hollywoodskin. 

The skin on my hands is now so soft and my face no longer looks saggy down the cheeks. I love how I look. 

Makeup can’t lift your cheeks and no plastic surgery will buy you a glowing look, but this product has done exactly that for me!'' 

- Marissa B

Verified buyer

“I just ordered my second bottle. 

The reason I ordered again is that they WORK. The MOST IMPORTANT thing is that when I ran out and stopped taking the Skin Rebuilding Tablets I lost the glow and firmness I had with them, and once I began again to use those, I REGAINED my skin clarity and firmness as well as a feeling of wellbeing in my skin. 

I can attest to the fact that without those I see a definite difference in my skin and with those I look so much better. I won’t let myself run out again''

- Amanda T

Verified buyer

''This beats any injections you might get. Even my partner had something to say about my skin! He thought I was wearing makeup in bed. Seriously! 

My nails were very brittle and since taking these colagen peptides and biotin tablets I've noticed my nails have grown stronger. My face is brighter, texture smoother and my complexion looks amazingly even. 

My sister had been suffering with her skin for years and she's also starting to see positive results with this supplement.'' 

- Diana E

Verified buyer

“Previously I was taking powdered Marine Collagen in my coffee which had a slight fishy taste, but this is so convenient and has no aftertaste. 

I have been taking them now, for about a month. They are easy to swallow and I definitely prefer the tablets to taking collagen in my drinks. 

I like the fact that Hollywoodskin are a Swedish company that use high quality ingredients. I can already see a difference in my nails & hair but the biggest difference is in my skin.''

- Georgina S

Verified buyer

''I used to wear so much makeup all the time and different makeup artist using their different products on me plus standing in these really bright lights for hours a day really affected my skin in a negative way..

And not to mention all the airplane traveling and lack off sleep. My skin was a mess for a long period of time and I wasn't happy with it.

 I started seeing a dermatologist on a monthly basis and she recommended Hollywoodskin's Skin Rebuilding Tablets. 

The results are amazing, my skin is now smooth, supple and hydrated. It feels fresh and alive'.' 

- Anastasia C.

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A Few Seconds In The Morning Is All It Takes – To Reclaim Your Youth

Treating your skin right is easy with Celebrity Secrets Skin Rebuilding tablets. 

All you need to do is take one tablet daily with a glass of water! 

Just 3 simple steps:

Grab a tablet

Comfortably swallow with a drink

And enjoy your day

The 1 And Only Problem With Skin Rebuilding Tablets

When we first launched Celebrity Secrets Skin Rebuilding Tablets we expected it to be a hit. 

But what happened took us by surprise.In just a few weeks more than 28,000 bottles flew off our shelves, leaving us completely out of stock. And a lot of people upset at seeing the dreaded “Sold Out”.

So we ordered more, and it happened again. And again, and again.

This time we’re prepared, we ordered a LOT.

But… we are running a very special… one time only offer…  And if we run out again, which is highly likely, it could take a long time before we get more…  

You see, producing Skin Rebuilding Tablets is hard. Sourcing the right and the best Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C from around the world takes time. And what with the post-pandemic delays in production and global shipping... well, it could be months.    

So you won’t want to miss out on our VERY BEST DEAL EVER

Limited Time Offer!

Special Limited Time Offer - Ends Soon!

The normal retail price of Skin Rebuilding Tablets is €79.98.

Which is a bargain at twice the price given:

  • It’s 4x stronger than any other brand

  • You need only take 1 tablet a day

  • Each bottle contains 180 tablets – many months worth

  • It is packed with the active ingredient Collagen

  • Contains Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid for maximum results

  • Can help put you on the path to beautiful skin

  • Will make you look and feel beautiful 

  • Experiencing a life filled with more of the things you love

But, for just one week only, or until we sell out, which-ever comes first…

We are offering 1 bottle for just €39.99

That’s 50% OFF

But that's just the start

Buy 4 bottles at our already discounted rate and get 2 FREE! 

Saving €321.92

Buy 4 and Save Over €300!

You’ve read this far because you’re probably sick of living with skin you aren't proud of, and you’ve decided you want to make some long-lasting changes to improve your life.

You are well on your way to making a commitment to reclaim your youth…

And we know that once you start using Celebrity Secrets Skin Rebuilding Tablets, and begin feeling all the great benefits… You’ll love it!

For all of those reasons, we have made it as easy as possible for you to stock up…

And put together our biggest ever deal, ensuring you can follow through on your commitment to yourself, to the life you want to live, and to your skin health and well-being.


When you buy 4 bottles today at our already heavily discounted price of just €39.99 per bottle, 

We'll send you 2 more bottles, completely FREE of charge...

That’s a MASSIVE SAVING of €321.92 

But that's not all...

Limited Time OFFER: Our Biggest Ever Deal Just Got Bigger!

When you select our "Buy 4 bottles, Get 2 Free" offer today

you'll also receive 8 additional FREE gifts worth €78.85!

But, it’s only available right here and right now, while we have stock.

Act Now And Get 8 BONUS GIFTS - FREE! 

Each bonus gift is carefully selected to work with Celebrity Secrets Skin Rebuilding Tablets in helping you reach your skin goals as fast as possible.

Free Gift No. 1: "Healthy Skin On The Menu” - FREE eBook (€15.99 value)

Waiting for changes can often seem to take forever. And when you start on the path to reclaiming your beauty, you're probably going to want to do all you can to speed it up.

In this fantastic book, you’ll find plenty delicious meal recipes, made with ingredients that compliment Skin Rebuilding Tablets, and can help drive home results faster.

Ingredients that can help provide more beautiful skin.

And best of, they're all simple to make. You’ll love them, your family will love them, and your body will them too!

In this book you’ll discover;

  • The 15 best foods for managing skin health 

  • 5 recipes that take less than 15 minutes

  • 15 recipes that are both simple and delicious

  • And much much more... 

Free Gift No. 2: FREE Youth Secret Sheet Mask (€4.39 value)

Once you start a healthy daily habit of taking care of your skin with Skin Rebuilding Tablets you might want to kick-start the results. 

Youth Secret Sheet Mask delivers visible plumpness and a reduction in dry patches in as little as 20 minutes!

Unfold mask and position over clean, dry skin. Leave on for 10-20 minutes, and soak in the magic! Remove mask and discard. Massage any remaining serum into skin. No need to rinse. Just glow and go!

Hollywoodskin's Youth Secret Sheet Mask is valued at €4.39, but today with our best deal… it’s yours FREE! 

Free Gift No. 3: “The Skincare Edit” FREE e-book (€16.99)

In this eye-opening new e-book, you’ll discover how everyday women like yourself can manage and improve their skin health. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the skincare products out there—let alone how to use them—you’ll find The Skincare Edit It to be a handy companion.

When you get your free e-book you'll …

  • The most common causes of premature aging... they're not what you think

  • 1 simple "hack" that can help boost instant glow

  • Why cleansing your face too much can make acne much worse

  • Common skincare ingredients that could be making your skin worse

  • And much much more...

It covers everything from common ingredients to creating the right routine for your skin. There are also tips on applying and layering skincare, how to tell if a product isn’t working, and much more.

And you get this exclusive e-book FREE too…

Free Gift No. 4: €15 OFF Your Next Order

This is practically free money!

When you’re ready to make your next purchase, you can look forward to getting €15 knocked off any order, no minimum spend required. 

Use it to buy more Skin Rebuilding Tablets or our high strength skincare products.

The gift voucher has no expiry date… 

And the best part is, this voucher is completely free.

Free Gift No. 5: GLOW OBSESSION Star Light Under Eye Mask - FREE product sample (€2.49 value)

And now that you’ll have all-new recipes to make delicious dishes, and Youth Secret Sheet Mask to kick-start the results we recognise that sometimes you might be sleep-deprived, hungover, or just generally exhausted.. To help you out on these days, we are giving you a sample of GLOW OBSESSION Star Light Under-Eye Mask. 

You’ll also get our exclusive under eye mask FREE — Customers go nuts over these eye masks… It's like an energy drink for your eyes and you get one FREE with your order today.

GLOW OBSESSION Star Light Under-Eye Mask helps diminish puffiness, dryness, fine lines, and dark circles. 

Consider these eye patches to be exactly what you need to look awake and refreshed on endless Zoom calls (even if you don't feel perky on the inside). it’s valued at €2.49 and yours FREE today.

Free Gift No. 6: Fast, Tracked, Shipping (€17.99 value)

Ordering today will also get you FREE shipping on any of our multiple bottle offers of Skin Rebuilding Tablets.

Fast and tracked shipping isn’t cheap these days, but we want to get your order in to your hands as quick as possible.

Letting you get started on the path to beautiful skin – the sooner the better.

Free Gift No. 7: “STAR RESCUE Pore Strips” FREE Product Sample (€1 value)

Unlike “solutions” that simply just mask skincare issues, these selected Pore Strips work to address blackheads root cause. It offers the same results as going to an expensive esthetician for a deep pore cleanse, which is suggested every two weeks..

  • Blackheads don't stand a chance - the bacteria is destroyed from deep within the pores

  • Shrinks pores and leaves your skin re-energized, radiant, and smooth

  • Gives your skin a healthy, refreshed complexion in just 10 minutes

  • Easy-to-use strips don't leave a residue; you'll see a dramatic difference after just one use. 

  • Contains a unique blend of six all-natural ingredients that sweep away dirt and oil

Free Gift No. 8: Donation for Mental Health Charity (€5 value)

This last FREE gift is more of a “nice gesture” than a gift. 

Thanks to you we are able to provide meaningful support to a important charitie that are helping people who are dealing with mental health issues. 

For every bottle sold of CELEBRITY SECRETS Skin Rebuilding Tablets we donate €5 to the mental health charity Suicide Zero.

A Comforting - Rock Solid 

100% RISK FREE Guarantee

We are confident that Skin Rebuilding Tablets will work for you, just as it has for thousands of others.

But, we understand that spending money on something you haven’t tried before can be worrying.

So… to ensure you can try Relief Support at absolutely NO RISK TO YOU...

we offer a really simple, no fuss, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If after using Relief Support, you don’t see the results you wanted, simply send back whatever you have left and we’ll refund you 100% of the money you paid.

  • No questions

  • No surveys

  • No reasons required

Just send it back to us, even if you’ve used half the bottle… or more, and we’ll give you all your money back.

And should you decide to return it, all you have to do is follow 3 simple steps

  • Email us at sales@hollywoodskin.com and let us know to look out for the return (remember you don’t need to give any reasons or answer any questions)

  • Return the bottles using the pre-printed label you'll receive with your order

  • Check your account and see your 100% refund.

Because as soon as we get them back we’ll issue the refund right away.


And you can keep the free eBooks and the free product samples, it's on us as a “thank you” for giving it a try.

Yes, I want your best offer ever

Clicking Buy Now takes you to the product options page where you can select how many bottles you would like.

Our best offer ever expires in;


Our Customers Stick With Us Because...

We do what we do for you, people just looking to improve their health.

For over 8 years, we have been on a mission to help people reclaim their skin health, so they can do all the things they love, and thrive in life.

What started as a search to find skincare products for myself, to keep my acne prone skin clear, turned into a company that has served millions of people just like you from all over the world.  

We create powerful beauty foods and skincare products with care, that are;

  • Packed with a full daily dose in each pill. 

  • Made in Sweden to exceed cGMP, ISO, BRC AA standards 

  • And independently third-party batch tested…

  • For customers we serve with our team of experienced skin therapists.

Helping people reduce some of the stress around their skin health, and to live a more comfortable life, filled with more of the activities they love without having to worry about their skin.


Is it safe to buy online?


Shopping online has become the biggest sector of retail in recent years and we have partnered with two of the largest payment processors in the world - Stripe, and Paypal. 

Both Stripe and Paypal handle millions of transactions daily and do so using the very strictest security standards in the entire banking industry. 

When you enter your payment information, you are doing so within their platforms, on a special page that is encrypted with Class 3 EV Secure SSL Security. 

This is the most secure payment protocol ever created and is the same protocol used by the military to guard nations secrets. 

What this means is that your data is only visible to you. We do not get to see your card information, nor does anyone other human. Nor is it stored anywhere.  

It is simply sent to the payment processor as a scrambled piece of code and is completely unreadable by anything other than a special computer code that handles the payment from your card. 

Once the payment is complete, the scrambled piece of code is deleted from their system, and we receive a message from the payment processor that the payment was a success. 

At no point, during or after, can any other human being besides you, ever see your Credit or Debit card information. It is never stored anywhere. 

Once you are ready to order, simply click here and you will be taken to the product options page where you can select how many bottles you wish to buy, and place your order.

How long does shipping take?

As of right now, inventory is still available. 

And as soon as you place an order, you will receive a confirmation email. At the same time you receive this email, an instruction will be sent through to the warehouse with your order details.

Our warehouse team will get to work packing it and as soon it is ready to go, collection will be arranged. 


Typically within 4-6 hours of placing your order, it will collected by Fedex, DHL or one of the other major courier companies.  

You will then receive an email with the tracking information so you can follow your order until it reaches your door. 

We only ever ship with priority mail, so it should arrive at your home or office within 2 to 4 days within Europe and 4-5 days in America, Canada and Australia. 

What is your refund policy?

Any order you place with Hollywoodskin is covered by our 100% Risk Free Guarantee.

If for any reason, you decide you wish to return your order you can. Even if you are half way through it. 

And as soon as we receive it back, we will refund you in full. No questions asked. 

Any free gifts you received with your order are yours to keep, completely free of charge. 

For how long will today's special offer be available?

We cannot guarantee any of our special offer prices beyond any given day. 

And usually we only ever offer these special sale prices for a very limited time of one or two days.

Are Skin Rebuilding Tablets safe to take?

Skin Rebuilding Tablets are completely natural and has no contra-indications. 

This means it is known to be safe to take.

However, if you take prescription medication, we advise that you consult with your doctor before taking any supplements. 

 Can't find your question? email us at sales@hollywoodskin.com

Reviews Footnote:

All testimonials in this advertisement and on any of our websites are from real people. 

Sometimes names and photos have been changed to protect their privacy and some were given free products in exchange for their honest feedback. 

In accordance with the latest FTC guidelines, we want to make it explicitly clear that the testimonials and customer reviews we have received are of exceptional results, don't apply to the average purchaser, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. The generally expected performance of our products in regards to any specific application has not been scientifically validated and we cannot and will not make any promises in regards to your specific results.

Any organizations, publications and people referenced on this site are not affiliated with Hollywoodskin. They have not endorsed, sponsored or recommended this product; no affiliation or endorsement is claimed.

We love to get reviews from customers, and if you would like to submit a review, please contact us here


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