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Once you visit or shop at Hollywoodskin, our website or other online stores, you accept these conditions. Please read them carefully. Your use of this site and/or placement of an order indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions shall supersede any subsequent terms or conditions included with any purchase order, whether or not such terms or conditions are signed by Hollywoodskin. We, at Hollywoodskin reserve the rights to change any or all of our terms and conditions, Return policy or Privacy policy, without any prior notification to our valued customers or guests.



All copyrights for this site are owned and managed by Hollywoodskin, including the display features, logo, tags, titles, images and web content are all the sole property of Hollywoodskin or its subsidiaries, affiliates or content writers and is protected by international copyright laws. Hollywoodskin alone reserves the rights to make any changes to the existing content or its policies.

You, as a visitor or customer have no rights, whatsoever, to copy or transfer any part of its content without a written approval from Hollywoodskin. You may also not create any similar content regarding lists of products, their prices or other details from the website.

Hollywoodskin and other marks (logo, images, tags, page titles, icons, product names) on our website are all registered trademarks. None of these can be used anywhere else or serious penalties would be caused.



Hollywoodskin respects the intellectual property of other owners and if you believe your work has been transferred/used or copied in any way, you can contact us for copyright claims.

You, as visitor or customer are allowed to view our site, the entire stock inventory items in our store and make any purchases you like through our site but you are in no means allowed to copy, cheat, transfer, distribute or modify present content of this site. 

If any unauthorized use of materials is noted, laws of copyright and trademark will be violated and could result in serious penalties.



As soon as you place an order with us and fill in your private information, we send you an email to confirm your order. Attached to the email is a purchasing receipt that we issue as an acceptance of payment and order from your side. All products listed down in the email are considered as part of the purchasing order and those which are not stated have not been confirmed in our confirmation email.



Hollywoodskin is in no way responsible for any incompleteness or inaccuracy regarding the information of the products on the website. Through this contract, you acknowledge that any miscommunication may result through inaccuracies of information disclosed therein. 

Also, Hollywood skin is not responsible for any damage or loss to your skin or health after using the products without any supervision, guidance or counseling from a sound health practitioner or dermatologist. You must use all products and their information at your own risk. Hollywoodskin shall not be liable for any causes. Hollywoodskin ensures to provide the highest quality products to its customers, but it is the sole responsibility of the customer to be aware of the usage and need of the product.

You agree that the CEO, directors, officers and all other staff of Hollywoodskin shall not be accountable for any kind of physical or financial damage or loss caused by the use of the products from their website. You agree that this limitation of liability is comprehensive and applies to any kind of damage be it direct or indirect, compensatory, incidental, punitive or consequential damage.



Hollywood skin makes complete attempts to provide exact and accurate, well timed information. However, Hollywoodskin does not provide warranty that any product information and other details provided by the website are complete, true, error free and reliable. If a product offered by Hollywoodskin is not acceptable by you, you have the sole option to return the product, only if unused.

In case of any typographical error that may arise due to mistake, like error in price statement of a particular product or labeling error, Hollywoodskin has a right to refuse or cancel any orders placed at the incorrect price. If your credit card has been charged already, then Hollywoodskin will provide you a credit for the same amount.



Hollywoodskin claims to charge and withhold applicable sales tax and all other taxes for orders to any parts of the world, in compliance with the sale tax laws of the country of Sweden. You will be responsible for the payment of sales taxes on any order item shipped to you.



Any legal action taken against Hollywoodskin shall be governed by the laws of Sweden. You agree that the sole jurisdiction and venue for any litigation arising thereby shall be an appropriate federal or state court.



Goods remain at Hollywoodskin's risk until delivered. 



Hollywood skin is at no means responsible for any unexpected occurrences of events that may affect the transaction, process or shipment of the products. Any delays or failure to supply the product may arise due to events that may beyond our sound control.



All those customers aged below 18 years, must involve their parents or guardians and seek to provide their written approval of consent before making purchases.


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