About Us

 When it comes to the development of truly brilliant brands, many say ‘necessity is the mother of invention.’ That certainly was the case with our products!  Out of personal need we discovered some amazing formulations and just had to share them with the wider world.

I’m Linnea, the founder of Hollywoodskin. For years I had suffered with acne which was unpleasant, uncomfortable and unsightly. I desperately wanted to change my skin for the better and tried a wide variety of products, but nothing seemed to do the trick.  We persevered, did our research, looked into the best active ingredients and studied other available products on the market, but there was nothing within an affordable price range that really blew us away.

That was when we decided to create our own solution to the acne problem. Almost is never good enough.  We rapidly developed a personal and professional passion for helping people by providing first-class skincare products. We wanted to use a product that was highly effective, packed with active ingredients, which would transform our skin and was at the same time highly affordable. It was clear that the best solution would be to formulate our own state-of-the-art products and so Hollywoodskin was born.

We founded this company a couple of years ago and have rapidly gone from strength to strength. We have worked with experienced dermatologists and other skincare experts to create exactly the right products for problem skin. Many of our products contain superior active ingredients with concentrations that are up to 4 time stronger that many comparable brands.

We pride ourselves on taking a fresh, enthusiastic approach to skincare, providing superb solutions to genuine problems. We love the products that we have created and care for our customers even more. We always go the extra mile to produce the best possible skincare solutions and we always will.  Effectiveness and affordability, delivered with true passion – that’s Hollywoodskin.


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