Daily beauty rituals


Beautiful skin is one of the most attractive indicators of beauty and youth. Good sleep, plenty of water and stress free life are some of the most basic and important ingredients of youthful and beautiful appearance. And yes, healthy eating of course! We did a listing below of some basic beauty routines that is easily forgotten. 


Wash your face twice a day

Too much of a good thing sometimes ends up being bad. Most people are under the impression that bad skin is a result of dirty skin, and the obvious solution is to wash it more. The black substance in blackheads, however, has nothing to do with dirt. It's actually the result of a combination of sebum, which your body naturally produces to lubricate your skin, and dead skin cells. Although most cosmeticians agree that washing twice a day is all that's necessary. Washing your face excessively is likely to irritate your skin more than anything else, and that can actually make conditions like acne worse. 


Wash your hands first

This is one of the important steps that most people ignore. It is important to wash you hands first because washing your face with dirty hands means you are transferring all the dirt, germs and grease of your hands on your face. This step is usually overlooked as we assume the hands will get cleaned along with the face, but, it is advisable to clean that grime and germs from your hands before moving to your face.


Use normal or lukewarm water

Avoid using too hot or too cold water for rinsing the face. It is a myth that cold water closes the pores and hot water opens them. Pores do not have muscles to close or open. 

Instead, find a nice in-between temperature. Warm water cleanses better than cold, but if the water temperature is too hot, you can scald the skin, causing irritation, and dilating vessels. Washing with water that's very cold won't harm your skin but it may not be very pleasant. 


Rinse the cleanser completely

Make sure that you rinse the cleanser completely from your face. Skimping on rinsing may leave some residues on the face which can clog the pores and dry the skin later. Rinse thoroughly especially from the hairline, neck and sides of the nose. These are the common places often missed and can lead to skin irritation later. Keep rinsing until all the cleanser is washed off from the skin.


Use a clean and soft towel

Wipe your face with a clean and soft towel. We would recommend to use one towel just for the face and change it at least twice a week. if you wait too long to change the towel, it will start collect dust and germs, which will end up on your skin.

Do not rub the towel on the skin, instead just pat it dry. Also, let a fine mist of water remain on face so when you apply a moisturizer/creme as it will seal the moisture into the surface of the skin.


Apply moisturizer

Use a moisturizer immediately after washing your face when the skin is still damp. Waiting until your skin is completely dry makes it harder for the active ingredients to get absorbed into your skin and can cause the skin to feel greasy.